Exclusive by Frank Walker, 4 July 2004, The Sun-Herald.

A former Sydney swimwear model is at the centre of renewed attempts to locate millions of dollars sent out of the Philippines by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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By Frank Walker, 23 April 2013, Sydney Morning Herald

Every serviceman knows the moment they go to a defence force psychologist their military career is over, says Afghanistan veteran Geoff Evans.

"It shouldn't be that way, and Defence has worked hard to turn this attitude around, but it's the reality," said Mr Evans, who was medically discharged after being wounded during his second tour in 2011. Mr Evans has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a mental illness brought on by exposure to trauma and stress. It came from seeing two of his mates killed in front of him.

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By Frank Walker at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan,
 September 15, 2002
 The Sun-Herald. 

AS the world waits this weekend to find out what happens next in the war on terrorism, the Australians fighting phase one are awaiting fresh orders. Weapons and helmets are stacked against the walls inside Bagram air base in Afghanistan, home to the SAS who still patrol the foothills looking for the remnants of Al Qaeda. The base commander, US General John Vines, heaped praise on the Australians, saying he would "move heaven and earth" to have the SAS fight alongside him in any future conflict. But the men themselves, unable to be quoted or named, were markedly less gung-ho about the prospect of war with Iraq. Their average age is 32 and most are married with children.

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Frank Walker, 29 April 2007, The Sun-Herald

FAMILIES, war veterans and MPs are demanding an independent inquiry into the mental health of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan after suicides believed to be caused by post-traumatic stress.

March 14, 2004 smh.com.au

Australia's F/A-18 pilots defied the orders of American commanders and refused to drop their bombs on up to 40 missions during the invasion of Iraq, it can now be revealed.