By Frank Walker, 28 August 2005, The Sun-Herald

A victim of bullying in the exclusive Trinity Grammar boarding school has been awarded a legal settlement, believed to be $500,000, after the school settled out of court last week.


By Frank Walker, 21 August 2005, The Sun-Herald

It’s four years on Friday that the Norwegian container ship Tampa plucked 433 refugees from a sinking boat to the north of Australia. The way Australia reacted to this act of gallantry will be to our eternal shame, and a royal commission is the only way the stench can ever be expunged.


By Frank Walker, 6 September 2002,

A disabled woman who said she became pregnant after being raped by a Catholic priest had to sign a secrecy clause before the Church would pay her $15,000 compensation.

The deal, authorised by a NSW bishop last month, contradicts Sydney Archbishop George Pell's statements that victims were not prevented from discussing such abuse.

The legal agreement for compensation between the woman, from rural NSW, and the Church bars her from talking about the incident.


By Frank Walker, 23 October 2005, The Sun-Herald

Along with many others, I walked out of the Sydney premiere of the Australian film Wolf Creek on Friday night sickened by the extreme violence, blood and gore. 


By Frank Walker, 4 June 2006,

POLICE have smashed an international fraud gang that used school-aged children in Sydney to launder money stolen from unwitting victims' bank accounts.


By Frank Walker, 4 August 2002, Sun-Herald

This woman is about to be stoned to death for having a baby. If her appeal, which starts tomorrow, fails she will be executed by being buried up to her waist and stoned until she dies. Amina Lawal, 30, was sentenced to death by stoning by a regional court in Nigeria for having a child outside marriage.


By Frank Walker, SMH 
15 October 2006

THE answer to the 40-year-old mystery of what happened to the missing Beaumont children is buried in the twisted mind of a child killer locked in a Tasmanian jail, a retired detective says.


By Frank Walker and agencies

20 March 20, 2005

The Sun-Herald

Two years after the invasion of Iraq the rate of US soldiers being killed is averaging 18 a week, almost double the rate in the first year after the war.


Sydney Morning Herald 26 March 2012

Many native animals have become extinct or endangered because of reckless human intervention, writes Frank Walker.

There are 384 different species of Australian mammals, reptiles and fish that are classified as endangered. That means they are in danger of dying out and becoming extinct unless we do something to save them.