39 Australian soldiers, Vietnam, 1969

The army denied they existed

What were they trying to hide?


Praise for Ghost Platoon 

“Walker, and others like him, are doing their country a great service by bringing both the good and bad deeds of Aussie diggers out of the shadows and into the light.”

Sunday Age


“Thoroughly researched and compelling…a chilling account”

The Sun-Herald 


“His findings are a shocking indictment of the long term effect of war”

Sunday Examiner


“Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand what these soldiers went through in Vietnam and the aftermath for many. And it is also an eye-opening indictment of how politics of the day can echo on decades later.”

Ross C. Hamilton, Bathtub Bookclub



About the book

An eye opening account of Australian combat history, untold…..until now.

In 1969 a ragtag unit of 39 men were thrown together at Nui Dat, Vietnam. It was so slapdash a group it didn’t even have an officer or sergeant in charge. A rugged ex-Royal Marine stepped forward to take the lead. Jim Riddle was only an acting corporal but he knew enough of war to keep these young diggers alive.

When the platoon was involved in a high risk ambush Riddle proved his leadership skills, bringing his men through unscathed and leaving the battlefield littered with enemy bodies.

Despite their success, immediately afterwards the platoon was disbanded. According to the army they’d never existed, theirs was a ghost platoon.

Frank Walker details what happened at that ambush and why the army buried their existence, and the secrets that went with it. His findings are a shocking indictment of the long-term effects of war. The men of the platoon – who’d fought so hard for their country – had to fight again to reveal the truth. But the price was far too high.

Ghost Platoon is a gripping story of soldiers who should never be forgotten…..or denied. 


Interviews with Frank Walker about Ghost Platoon:

ABC Radio National: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/the-vietnamese-ghost-platoon/3587122


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